Your better half can come in some many forms💚

in blog •  2 months ago

When two souls merge they become one💚
Your other half can come in some many forms:

A dog, sibling, parent, lover, a tree.... When we merge with stuff we love others get attracted to that and then all these separate half’s come together remembering we were never apart.

Fall in love with what you love and see the connection, synchronicity, and bonding that comes from that💚

And if you can’t feel any of that, well
that’s totally fine too. Just don’t beat yourself up about it🌈I know I surely can do that to myself🌈💚 I love you all and I hope that we all merge our better halves and become a whole🌈🦄👽🧙‍♂️

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@inspirewithwords Your better half can come in some many forms💚 awesome caption
And relationships is like half girl half boy complete the relationship you are sharing awesome pictures thanks ♥️♥️♥️