The universe will only give you what you put out😎

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The universe will only give you what you put out😎

When you don’t want something you are really telling the universe that you want more of what you don’t want😜

It’s really important to focus on things you want so the universe will give you what you put your energy on🌵

There are many things I don’t like and when I focus on them I keep getting those things in my life🤪

It’s really funny!

The universe doesn’t have any idea what no means🦁

It’s just knows yes and yes only🤩🤩 A lot of times I gottta check myself before I reck myself because I notice how much of the time I focus on what I don’t want🧙‍♂️ It’s a great practice to rearrange are thoughts to just be things we want❤️ Try it out and see the results!

I love you all and wish greatness amongst you all😇

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It takes a lot of mental discipline, but it really is up to us to train ourselves for satisfaction in life.

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Yes indeed💚