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in blog •  4 months ago

Hi, guys!

I decided that it's time to tell a few about how Astro feels after all suffering she had to go through during her last visit to the vet.

Of course, she was super stressed out, and I was too, cause I actually never have seen my sweety in such condition. Damn, it was horrible, she was so scared, so trembling that I got really scared myself, she looks as if she wasn't recognizing me or had any idea where she was.

Doc explained me that it's a normal reaction on the injection, but I had serious doubts. Luckily everything ended up fine, and after a few hours at home she already was OK.

As I said before besides teeth brushing she also had a haircut, and it was on time - it became hotter again, so at the moment her 3 milimeters of fur are completely fine.

We hope that autumn will come soon, and we're already preparing for our autumn-format long walkings.

Kiss your pets from me;)

Love, Inber 

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Aaaaawe adorable! Glad she is well. I bet its terrifying experience ☹

I don't know which photo is cuter, the little tongue flicky one or the nose in paws one XD Glad she's all good now :)

aww! her hair is soooo pretty 😍😍
i wish autumn will come very soon for you😊

YAY!! Glad Astro is OK!!