CNN is SILENT on #ReleaseTheMemo

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CNN is SILENT on #ReleaseTheMemo

CNN is SILENT on #ReleaseTheMemo

Don't believe all the propaganda you see on TV. Did you know that there are only 3 countries left without a central bank owned or controlled by the Rothschild family?

  1. Cuba
  2. North Korea
  3. Iran

So what narrative is the shithole mainstream media pushing?

"After ISIS campaign, Iran-backed fighters in Iraq vow to drive out US troops"
"Six Chinese Ships Covertly Aided North Korea. The U.S. Was Watching"

In the meanwhile, CNN is SILENT about #ReleaseTheMemo

It's all SCRIPTED and we're all playing our roles.Just like the movies, none of this is real.

The twist is that we're simply deciding what we want and what we don't want on the New Earth.

That will happen when we awaken from this dream of consciousness experiencing this simulated reality.

Gregg Prescott

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