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“There is no retirement in life” – Abdul Rehman
What we learn from life? Through reading, hearing and seeing. What we see hear and see. What we say? What we say and do? These all leads to the learning but the phase is what we are learning from time? The actually word it to educated ourselves from different disciplines. Every profession has its norms and rules that regulate the circle.
Brain said right do different. We learn same things but our action and planning is different from each other. Learning will turn to re-learning phase and it will create same but after re-create we will create new things. Maybe it will lead you to bad situation but after positive thinking you will have good vibes and will lead to success. The clock which shows bad time will show you correct time twice a day.
Do we learn how to

  1. Make decisions
  2. Have discipline and
  3. Determination. Just visualize yourself as you wanted to be.
    These are the only way you will know what you learn and want to learn from life and time.
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