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Hey all,

I am writing this today as a request. Will you please pray that children seperated from their families can return to them? For all the seperated families everywhere around the world.

We see in scriptures that God promises that every child shall return unto their mother or father. Please petition this. Today, our children are claimed and traded by governments; which is strictly forbidden in numerous places. Our children are our offspring; also a reflection of us and our Creator.


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Having a child of my own recently really put perspective on this for me. I could not even imagine if this happened to me. so sad


I know what you mean. After my daughter was born, i cannot accurately say how drastic I would become if this happened to me and my wife. Thank you @blanchy for hearing my plea.

From Government, child trafficking wars, kidnappings and other forms of abuse, it is most disheartening when you consider the scope


It really is, very sad. When this happened to me; my parents didn't even know where I was. I got to see them once over a long period of time. Pastor of the church was from, was the middle man. It was hard for him to witness I now realize; that night he spoke about how families where torn apart. I can vaguely remember it. I started crying, told them I wanted to go home.

This is what seperation from families look like; unjust, biased; destructive power. My family was a good family never deserving this like so many others.

So now, my heart forever belongs to those who seek to redeem this specific promise.


So sorry you had to go through that. We think so much of the hurt and fear the parents go through, which pales in comparison to the fear, hurt and confusion the children experience.


True, confronting these memories ... made me what i am today. Nothing can undo these events. But we can help others.

I wouldn't wish this upon anyone.

This summer i have worked for charity and walked door-to-door fulltime 5 days a week! bless those children!

In prayer for the early meeting between parents and children.

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Will you please pray that children seperated from their families can return to them? For all the seperated families everywhere around the world.
It should be separated instead of seperated.

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