Personal Website For Free: Contest!

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I am a web developer that enjoys playing with all the cool things that I can do online. I'm bored.

Rules of the game:

  1. this post gets at least 200 upvotes
  2. you are one of those upvotes
  3. you follow me on steemit
  4. you are randomly selected

(leaving a comment saying why you'd like a free site helps your chances)

I will build you a free website that I'd normally charge about $800-$1200 dollars for. I would need for you to go to and get hosting (~$30.00) and a domain name (~$1). From there, I will build you a website that looks like mine, but with your color scheme and tweaks.

Want to know what a personal website looks like? Check out mine at!

If you go to you can see how I can integrate steemit into your page that includes seperating different posts by your tags!

The winner will be announced in 7 days.


May the odds be ever in your favor,


PS, if you don't win but still want a cool site like mine:
Go over to and tell me your steemit username in the promo-code field. If we're friends, I'll hook you up for $600 (after you give me your hosting information and domain name) just because I like hooking people up.


hey that's awesome! i love stuff like this- i hope it gets you some good promotion and helps you win :) i would love to have a site similar to yours for my homestead. we sell products that we have made plus blog on steemit often. we want to share permaculture (make it more free and accessible for the people!) and want to empower others to live a close-to-the-earth lifestyle taking care of many of their needs themselves. permaculture is an incredible way to equip people along these lines.

Hello @iamthenerd, pls i would teally love to participate in your contest because we had an NGO which has been set up for over a year now, but we have been limited in most of our outreaches because we cant access funds. The website you would create would be of importance to the poor people we want to reach out to because we would be able to get grants from other Philanthropists in the country. Having a website is kind of like a criterion for getting the Grants. We need an awesome website like yours.
Also another question. Will you consider picking a winner of this contest if you don't get up to 200 votes.

go to let's trade some thoughts off of steem.

Alright. Thank you

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