Bombs, tripwires, family fun!

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Today we were at the store and my son happened across a game. I never buy him things from the store out of principle but instead make mental notes for Christmas and birthday lists.

I made an exception as this particular game was only 13 dollars and some change.

Using different and much longer rope than what came in the package, I set up the path, laid out the rules, and sent my son on a tactical adventure that utilized his dexterity, intelligence, and patience.

I encourage my children to do things that aren't in the baseball-basketball-football triad of accepted sport and instead find different ways to challenge them while filling them with pride. So far it's been working out great :D


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Challenging games are always didactic, they lead them to overcome themselves, parents have the duty to face them with new challenges, always watching, but leave the traditional and place them in situations to solve using strategies and skills, I captive the photo, Greetings that are very good, I have a son that age

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