Looking for Miraculous Inspiration

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Originally written May 15th yet can be applied to today (accept waking at 5)...
Today has been such a low energy day. It started with waking up at 5am and just laying in bed attempting to think myself in a better mood before my feet hit the floor. Due to household responsibilities, I had to just wish for the best and hope the mood lifts soon even though my mood hadn't lifted after 2 hours.

While taking a shower I tried to allow the frustrations with myself overflow and attempted to squeeze whatever amount of tears out of me to get rid of this emotional feeling of frustration and disgust. I just can't seem to move forward. So I'm in the shower squeezing out tears asking what's wrong with me "Until you live in your truth you'll continue to relive the same situations and mirrors" I said to myself, going over the consequences for the times I know I didn't stand in my truth.

Afterward, I decided to look at my horoscope. This year I have spent a lot of time learning about myself through astrology, tarot, meditation, etc. I reached a point where something/anything has to work and my beginner's interpretation of my chart has been an eyeopener, to say the least. Each time I get into an "Astro binge" I learn something new that brings light to the situation or more confirmation.
If only I could find that spark of inspiration now. I barely have the energy to imagine how to put one foot in front of the other. Thing is, as I write this, I know that I must come to the understanding that the only thing standing in my way is my resistance.

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