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Remember the shoes we bought the girls for Christmas? Here they are! They’ve definitely clocked a lot of time ... these girls love getting out and about.

Daddy played outside with us before heading back to work this week. Because of late night meetings and early starts, he ended up spending two nights at a colleague’s.

It was hard for the girls ... we had Daddy home for almost five weeks and suddenly, he wasn’t around much.

Hard on Mommy too ... I haven’t been feeling well so it was a difficult transition back to balancing work, parenting, and homemaking. Thankfully I didn’t end up starting the second job we thought I’d be taking on.

However, my online work is picking up soon so I’ve been doing a lot of prep work, including creating a new database so we can scale our projects. Exciting stuff!

With the transition and extra prep, I haven’t had much time for Steemit. Hopefully I’ll find the balance again soon and work this back into my schedule.

Until then, we’ll be roaming around, looking at the world through new eyes!


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Hello beautiful polkadots girls. You two are adorable. From Robbie and Mickey

It's good to see @ironmanmatt with the girls @helenoftroy. :)

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