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I took a long break from blogging, on Steemit in particular. It felt like there were a lot of changes and I wasn’t keeping up with the trends to get the highest payouts.

But a month away reminded me why I started in the first place. So many times I’ve thought, “I hope I remember this moment with the twins later.”

As much as I’d love to keep a scrapbook or a handwritten journal, I know it isn’t practical considering the likelihood we’ll move / travel internationally throughout the girls’ lives. I’ve had to let go of plenty of keepsakes and scrapbooks passed down to me because of our multiple moves already.


Now that we’re pretty settled in to our new home, enjoying new views, I hope to start storing memories here on Steemit again.

Some may come with pictures, some may just be snippets, but in the end, I want my blog to be something I can look back on and enjoy with the twins ... regardless of the Steem payout. These moments won’t last forever (small supply, infinite demand) so even if Steem fails, the memories of these moments will still hold plenty of value 😉

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Almost made me cry :( I myself had been (still is) away from blogging in general. Hate to admit that the first reason was because of the payout until I lost interest eventually. Can't totally fall out of love with blogging though. It will always be there. For now, dealing with more side hustles for Tia :)
I miss the twins' photos!!! Kisses to them!!
Did you say you will be travelling internationally or I understood wrong?

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