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We had a friend visiting us this weekend, so we took him out to see the city ... and the twins got to see some new things too!

We took the LRT to our first stop, the Central Market. There’s so much to see, we couldn’t explore everything but it was fun to visit this historic site.

Leaving there, we passed by the National Textile Museum.

And after, stopped for pictures at the famous Merdeka Square

From there, we took the LRT to KLCC for lunch and a look at the Petronas Twin Towers. Behind the towers, there’s a large park. And hidden at the center is a kid-friendly water playground.

By the time we arrived, we were hot and tired ... it was the perfect spot to rest and rejuvenate. As the water came into view, the girls were so excited! I was glad I’d brought their swimsuits!

We completed our outing by walking to Bukit Bintang. Finally exhausted, we headed home for showers and late naps.

Everyone definitely slept well that night!

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Lovely to see you girls. What an exciting day. Blessings and love. Xx

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Hi Helen!! It feels like ages since the last time I visited steemit. Oh would you look at those two cuties!! Ever heard that, they grow up so fast line? So true right? I hope to be here more frequently from now on. See you around! Oh and kisses to the girls please!

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