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When the girls were little we took them for infant survival swimming lessons.

There are pools everywhere in Malaysia and it helps knowing our girls know how to catch their breath and stay afloat.

We were especially thankful the other day when we took the girls to the pool at our new condo. Matt was waiting for the bucket to drop and Squirt decided to venture close to see what he was doing.

Suddenly the bucket filled and water came splashing down. Squirt turned and tried to get away but she fell and went under the water. I happened to film the whole thing and - after watching it again - it took about five seconds for Matt to turn around and help her stand up. During that time, Squirt caught her breath twice and kept kicking / struggling to get back up.

It was a relief to see she was able to breathe / swim until help got to her.

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Scary moment! So thankful for the survival lessons!!

Hope you are all doing well! Haven't really been on any myself. Everything's fine in real life though.

Thx for sharing