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Yesterday we had Squirt with her bottle cap nose. And today, we have little sister who picks up everything big sister does (and vice versa).

It’s cute to watch them imitate each other. Even when one is being disciplined, the other wants to copy.

For example...

Matt will squat down and tell one girl not to bite. She nods her head and usually this particular “biter” gives a hug as well. Her sister comes up behind her, as if waiting her turn in line. Even though she was the one who got hurt, she looks at Matt and nods her head, waiting for him to tell her the same thing. Hiding a smile, he tells her not to bite either. After dutifully nodding her head, she turns and beams up at him as if to ask, “did I do a good job too?”

Having twins is fun ... and helpful. Lessons get reinforced (one watches the other make a mistake then begins to try it just to see if she’ll get the same warning). And they even remind each other not to do things. 😊

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