Get out of the land of despair.

in #blog7 months ago

There is a promised land,
Somewhere prepared for each,
It's the promise of freedom and endless happiness,
It is given to me, to you, and to them
with a condition to be fulfilled by each,
I failed my task a thousand times or perhaps it's more.

The place for me might have been given to others.
It hurt inside with no words to describe
Yet it is my own mistakes that put me here,
In the land of despair, darkness, and endless loss.

I thought that I had fought as hard as I could,
Yet I still failed more than the days that I had lived,
Weaknesses, inefficiency, and the words,' I can't',
All are excuses to win without effort.

Get up dear self,
Start fighting again,
You are capable of gaining more than you think you can,
Throw away excuses and keep moving forward.
Nothing going to change if you don't keep moving.

Get up,
Get going,
Let's go.

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