You know when you know you know

in #blog5 years ago (edited)

Just that really . I now know.

Anyway I'm logging out now and will be awaiting the time when I can delete this account because I get nothing out of it and don't have the time or the inclination to spend hours on what the people on here deem to be quality.

So that's my account powered down and my transferable funds as small as they were sent to some lucky person. Now to wait for my power down to go through then delete the log in info from my password manager.

I have more important matters to attend to with two children under two and other things you know, not that I don't understand why this is important for some because I can , bit for me personally it's not a high priority right now.

Constantly tired from having children and the stress that goes with it at times, other things in life are going wrong Nd I can't fix them no matter how hard I try or get through to the
root causes. Too much for me right now and k need to focus on the kids and their health and happiness.

See ya folks. Good luck on making steem.


Hi Hayley, I've lost all motivation on steemit to. There's only the automatic steemvoter stuff running that makes it appear like I'm still involved. Maybe, I'll find my steemit-mojo in the future but for now it's too much like hard work.

Hope you're ok and if you want to talk, just search Google for 'eggmotor' and you'll soon find me :)



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