Whats under the floor???

in #blog5 years ago (edited)

So apparently there is a hollow patch of floor beneath the carpet in the kitchen, slightly raised with a clear rectangular border . Seems to be a door to a cellar maybe as it is an old business building converted to a flat so a cellar would make some kind of sense.

I'm wondering why the landlord covered it up if it is a cellar as he could have put that to amazing use. Could it be he had stored his poor murder victims under there or could it be his and his wifes sex dungeon???? Could it be his secret stash of gold and silver treasure???

Who knows. Unfortunately can't find out. buggering hell!!!!!


There's a dead body down there, betcha.

I vote sex dungeon. It's always the quiet ones.

Sounds creepy as all get out. It’d drive me spare wondering about it.

Might have to just pull up the carpet and find out. Failing that try and find a blueprint but that won't solve whats in there

Checking the blueprints is a great idea. If the building was built within the last century, there will have been plans, including blueprints, filed with the local municipality’s permitting authority.

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