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So as usual I'm laid in bed with the kids , with absolutely nothing to do. Guess I'm that bad a company that only children can stand to be around me and even they have to sleep to suffer me for any length of time 😂

I could watch some Netflix on my phone I suppose but I'm not in the mood to watch the house of haunted hill or whatever it is called. That's a daytime watch when no ghouls can jump out at me and make me pee myself lol. I will add I totally believe in ghosts so I would literally pee myself if I actually saw one (family experiences of wierd ghostly stuff).

Likewise not in the mood for Jack Whitehall's travel with my father or the good place, kind of annoying I'm not in the mood for any of them as it would pass the time. Though they are good shows and I do recommend them if you have Netflix.

Past few nights I've been catching up on celebrity Juice via itv hub app and they were Hilarious, if not slightly disturbing. Keith lemon gets away with so much other TV shows wouldn't. I definitely would think twice about going on there if I was famous due to the certain humiliation.

I might have a bit of an addiction to angry birds pop at the moment if I'm honest so will probably just work on that for half an hour before sleep , I'm determined to get the golden feathers.

And why the bloody hell can I smell beef crisps??? I don't have any anywhere at all and yet the smell is strong. Now that is weird

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