A start of an idea ☺️

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"Heart pounding, banging erratically against the cage of her ribs, the woman hurried down the street as fast as her bare feet could carry her. The wide eyed child in her arms, honey blonde ringlets bouncing with each movement, moaned in distress and held on tighter her arms looped around her mother's neck. Her alarmed gaze fixed on a single point back over her mother's shoulder, aqua eyes taking in the passing night time scenery, she just stared.

Street lights flickered ominously, and spooky Shadows jumped out threateningly from the side alleys and twisted and turned ominously. Metal trash cans clunked and clattered as though someone or something were knocking them over. The woman could quite believe that was the case, in her mind's eye she conjured up the image of the men chasing her knocking them over in their haste as they got in their way, in reality it was probably the local populace of stray cats searching for old and thrown away food.

Hefting the whimpering child higher in her arms and squeezing her tighter against her, her heart rate increasing in speed as her tired and aching limbs fast began to feel the strain of exhaustion, she forced herself to find the strength needed to continue. It was for her daughter, for her she would fight, and she would carry on till the end whenever that may be.
Bare feet hitting the ground, the impact feeling like stepping on a thousand needles, her breathes became harsh and hard to draw inwards".

That's a start so now to consider my food muse fellow steemians, it's either butcher's parmesan or steak for tea, and as I haven't eaten in 20 hours I'm starting to get hungry now. Might have to have an early tea but really wish I had some Ben and Jerry's 😋

While I eat I'll probably watch some netflix on my tablet in my room, god knows it's all I have to my name right now apart from clothes. It truly sucks been homeless and losing literally everything in one fell swoop, especially knowing im not eligible for housing and have not a spare penny for furnishing a place anyway so I'd love in a bare place .Life really is getting me down and it's all so unfair. Staying with family isnt fun, I tell ya folks, especially not when they are 95 and go to bed at half 8 so I'm not allowed to watch anything or do anything.

Honestly I think depression really is taking over now and it's flooring me most days, I've never been so miserable. I officially hate life right now!!!

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