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That fellow steemians is the amount of breast milk expressed in 19 days. Why? Because for one reason or another I am unable to Physically feed my child though I would so love to do so. Expressing is the next best thing for my child and I will not fail in that, he will have the best that I can give and I will work hard to do it.

It's all very sciencey and stuff, you have to express whenever the baby would feed which is every three hours give or take. So every three hours I express. You have to do it during the night for the important dream feeds which I understand are the ones that really boost your supply, so up I get at intervals in the night to express . I also leave the suction going for an extra minute or two per express to mimic the baby asking for more so I can increase my supply that way too, and I do occasionally do more as though the baby is feeding sooner or clusterfeeding. It's a full time job 🤣

Honestly it's all more hard work than I imagined but it's worth it as I love my baby to the end of the world and I am not putting him at risk by using the poison that is formula milk. Aside from all the sugars that promote the child being overweight, it has soy in it which we all know is bad for males, not to mention it has been made with water and god knows what crap is in that .

The worst part is it overfills babies which is where the cot death risk comes in, and that is not acceptable for my baby. He is having the best and is not been put in harm's way, so I will keep working my hardest to supply him with what he needs even if it means I have to set my alarm every three bloody hours.

However much hard work it is though and however tiresome it sometimes gets, and however much I have to rush the food shopping or seeing friends or anything else because I have to keep to the time it is worth it. I love my baby that much he is worth all the hassle involved, carter and his older brother Logan , are totally my world and whatever they need they get no matter what I have to do to achieve it.

There is nothing more satisfying to a mother than seeing your baby transform into a chubby little thing with fat cheeks and legs , nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy smile light up their face because they are full and satisfied .
And I tell you all what it makes us mother's feel so good to know we are doing the best we can for our precious bundles of joy,and that it is because of us that they are healthy and happy.

Every smile they give you is the most gorgeous, everytimw they laugh or talk is the cutest sound imaginable , every cuddle is a snuggly teddy bear hug and it makes us feel so good and blessed.

So fellow steemians if you have a wife, a mother, a girlfriend, who has or is lovingly providing a child with what they need let them know you appreciate it. If it's your mother keep on smiling and laughing with them to know they did their job well, if it's your wife or girlfriend who is feeding your baby make them a nice cup of tea and a biscuit when they are busy nourishing what is most precious to you both in the world.

Guess what I'm saying is it isn't easy to grow and support another life, it take sacrifice , hard work and exhaustion to give them and you everything you and they needed to thrive.

And to my children I say it is the greatest moments in my life whenever I get a glimpse of your smile's, my belly flips whenever I get a kiss and my heart leaps whenever I hold your cute little hands in mine. my love for my children couldn't be greater.

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