Friday Night Rambling...

in blog •  11 months ago

It's Friday night and i'm having a relaxed time in front of the screen. Not too relaxed though, since i'm working on a website relaunch and had some boring tasks to do.

There's one silly bug, i can tell you! Simple front end stuff but i couldn't find the mistake. Instead, i opened a beer and checked steemit :)


Some amazing plankton is going on here on the steem blockchain, i've read a good bunch of interesting posts during my first few days and tried to help some people. You might not believe it, but even weird artists like me enjoy helping others from time to time :p

Everything's cool, but i feel a little bit like an outsider here. Not because i have only little interest in the crypto-money topic (read my introducemyself post), but mainly because of the naughty art form i'm representing. No harm done, i knew it wouldn't be easy and - like i've said - i'm not here for overnight success.

What else is worth mentioning?

This is the first post i compose with! I discovered the site yesterday and almost immediately loved it. I think it's only a matter of time that i leave behind. In my opinion is just like super cool, while steemit is slow and ugly. No offence! :)

DLive sucks (?)

Well, i don't know. I couldn't connect. I filmed the art session instead and uploaded it to DTube. The film is a bit boring, i know, no sound and fancy talking. But at least you can see some nude pixels!

Check out "Creating a steeming HOT 3DX RENDER in DazStudio - Part 1"

Alright, this Friday #rambling is already a 2 min read and i don't want to stress you too much ;)

Thanks for your attention, i'm looking forward to your comment <3
Take care of yourself and have a good time!


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