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RE: Food Adventure Dublin: The Search For A Good Meal

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I agree with you, that cooking is not an olympic sport in England nor in Ireland. But If you like Fish and Chips you get along very well. We spend 4 days in Dublin in 2013 and it was simply awesome. We had a great time and a lot of beer.
I recommend Beamish instead of Guiness. Its richer in taste.

We ate some shepard´s pies and they were really good.
Loved the combination of vegetables and meat.

But the things you tried look really poor for a good meal. So sorry for that...

But the people are just awesome. Northern Ireland was a fantastic place to be and to get in touch with the people.

In Ireland´s oldest pub "The Brazen Head" hangs a frame with some lyrics on the left wall of the bar.

"If the Germans would have conquered Britain in WW2 it would have been a little bit like Ireland!" :-D
Not exactly the word but pretty close.

Upvote and resteem for your Ireland post :-)


Dang, thanks for the recommendations! I thought Guinness was rich in taste but now I have to track down Beamish and give it a shot! I don't mind eating the "OK" quality food, I just don't like being misled by highly rated reviews saying that it's really good. I did meet some awesome people, but it was like 50/50 on the awesome to not-awesome ratio. If I find myself in Ireland try shepard's pie and Ireland's oldest pub.

I´m with you. "OK" Quality food is OK.
But please than be so honest and say that it´s just OK. And not AWESOME.

But well if the Britains voted for that food from their point of view it´s just awesome ;-)

I mean if someone throws Mars-Snacks into the deep-fryer :-D
That´s got nothin´ in common with cooking ;-)