While waiting for the summer..

in #blog4 years ago

...why not take a dip in the sea.


Without any particular reason one of my daughter got the "bright" idea to take a dip in the sea. Maybe she got hot after many days indoors and restrictions and had to cool down a little, I don't know. Anyway I had to go with her and see if se actually would jump in the ice-cold water. As you see, she jumped straight out.


halfway done...



and under water she went.


Within a minute she was up and quickly got warm clothes on. Her sister gave her assistance.


Wish you a warm day.



Hello harkar!

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Wow, it must be cold. :-P

To cold for me😂

Wow! She must be really very very Hot like a volcano!

Now she’s nicely cool!

Wow! That is impressive and very brave step. She might be doing that on and off. Seeing the photo sequence I felt goose bumps all over my skin. But on other hand that is great to stimulate your immune system, there might be a great amount of adrenaline was produced :)

Absolutely refreshing. She is an early bather😂 and have done it before, but it was the firs bath this year.

Wow! Coldly :)

Little early for me. Two years ago in the summer was the water warm enough for me

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