Just a Guy Saying Raising Kids Takes Luck

in blog •  19 days ago

Luck. It isn't just a factor in Vegas. It's a factor in everything in life. And I believe it's one of the biggest influences in how our kids turn out.


Yes, every yuppie thinks they will do it better than every generation before, and many of us do make parenting a bigger priority, but I assert it also takes luck!

Coming from a showbiz background, I saw how luck was a contributor to so many people's success. Why did one actor "luck out" and get a career-making role like J. Lo in "Selena" while another whose name we don't even remember got their "break" in what turned out to be a flop? Luck.

Cosmo, the wonderful Donald O'Connor, star of "Singin' in the Rain," sang "Make 'Em Laugh" in that seminal musical number, but I say "Give 'Em Luck," for life and kid success. A little laughter along the way won't hurt, though. In fact, I'd suggest watching that number whenever you need a lift. We all know parents that have done everything "right," yet have kids who are addicts, failures at school, and more. We also know many lazy, lousy parents whose kids turned out great.

I don't believe we should just rely on luck, but don't discount it either. And, don't beat yourself up when your kids disappoint and blame yourself or your spouse, or your divorce, or your own problems. That can make a difference, of course, and we all should do our best job at parenting. Luck is a non-negotiable, uncontrollable factor, but what do I know? I'm just a guy.

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