How to Lose Weight if You're Disabled & Can't Exercise

in blog •  13 days ago, a website published by the American Academy of Family Physicians, reports that the best way to shed a few pounds is by limiting your calorie intake and stepping up your exercise routine. For individuals who are limited in movement, burning calories may be too difficult to rely on for weight loss purposes. On the Huffington Post website, Irene Rubaum-Keller, an eating disorder therapist, writes that a physical disability does not have to get in the way of losing weight. Eating fewer calories can result in a weight loss of up to two pounds a week.


Step 1

Keep track of your calorie intake. Use a food journal to record all of the food and beverages you consume each day. In addition, write down how much you eat and how many calories are in the foods. If you're eating packaged foods, you can find calorie information on the nutrition panel. For fresh vegetables, fruits and meats, use a website such as the USDA's National Nutrient Database to get calorie information. They have nutrition information for thousands of different foods as well as data on how different foods are prepared. You can get a calorie count for roasted and fried chicken, for example.

Step 2

Calculate your basic, daily calorie needs. Rubaum-Keller suggests multiplying your weight by 10 if you're a woman and 12 if you're a man. So if you're a 250-lb. woman, your calorie intake to maintain your current weight is about 2,500. Set a weight-loss goal of 20 lbs., which will set your daily calorie goal at 2,300. If you consume, on average, 2,300 calories a day without exercise, you can bring your weight down to 230 lbs. in under three months.

Step 3

Cut down on or eliminate high-calorie foods. After a few days of keeping a food journal, review the high-calorie foods that keep appearing on your list, such as whole milk at 149 calories a cup, cola at 148 calories for 12. oz., four slices of pizza at 1,088 calories or an 8 oz. bag of potato chips at 1,230 calories. Instead, drink one-percent milk at 110 calories a cup, zero-calorie water or carbonated soda, eat two slices of pizza and only a handful of chips.

Reducing your calorie intake this way can result in a weight reduction of 4 to 8 lbs. in just one month.

Step 4

Sign-up for a weight loss website. The "Journal of Medical Internet Research" published a study led by Kristine L. Funk, MS, indicating that study participants that used an interactive website to track their weight loss were more successful at maintaining long-term weight loss.


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