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Ouch already 5 months since I created my last post. These months where quite a ride I can tell. But let me celebrate a very good thing first. Didn’t faint for already 5 months now! I admit I’m not there yet, but I think it’s worth a little celebration!🎉


Health update

September ended with some health “panic” instead of a holiday feeling. I had a check-up to see how the nodule in my thyroid was doing and the results weren’t what I was expecting actually. The nodule did grow a lot since the last check-up 6 months ago. Because of this the doctor wanted me to do some other tests to see what kind of node it was. For that reason, I had another test with a punction in the thyroid. Came out pretty good, but I can tell you was a bit nervous the days before. Also, because I started sneezing… I did play an afternoon with a little kid from friends while visiting them for their new born. The hospital wanted me to check for covid first. So now I was waiting for two tests results. Covid was a negative test, so all it did was ruining my holidays because I had to stay inside. But the results where a lvl2 nodule (on a scale from 1-6) 1 is good and 6 is not that good. For now only regular checks once a year regarding the nodule.

I also started Mensendieck remedial therapy these months and I suspect this did a lot of good things for me. It is also one of the reasons I didn’t have much time for writing new blogs. Besides the therapy sessions I also have to practise at home multiple times during the day. So besides the exercises for my back there is a new list added with multiple exercises 🤣. Another thing that I started to do more and more, is working. So currently already at 36 hours a week. Almost back to fulltime indeed. The coming weeks I’m allowed by the company doctor to start some hours of study a week. Kinda happy with that. Not the pressure from work with deadlines but I can try to raise the bar a little bit more.

About work, I also got the opportunity to switch profession (if I wanted it). The last months I’ve thought about it and talked to multiple colleagues working in those professions. I decided to leave the network infrastructure division at my job and I will start to work on my cloud knowledge. Will start with the Microsoft Azure certificates. That is the most popular cloud service here in the Netherlands and at my company. My company just started with AWS so decided that I don’t want to be the explorer at a new division. Think this will drain a bit too much energy and I can use that energy way better.


Yerseke Moer
Yerseke Moer Sunrise Sunset at Rhenen

Photography wise I experienced some amazing moments of light. Luckily I could capture a few images for you. So will create some posts about them later on for your viewing pleasure. I’ve been on a few adventures with @dboontje and watched some magical sunsets and risers on my own as well. Autumn already ended but had some great colourful days that time of the year. We even had an amazing period of winter weather here in the Netherlands with a thing I’m not seeing every year, frozen salt water. Actually, it was the first time in my life I experienced it. But that's it for now, not gonna tell you anymore, just wait for it!

DIY audio project

While @dboontje bought some new speakers, I decided to start a new project by myself and build my own. During Covid I thought it would be nice to have some quality time together with my dad while wood working outside. So told my dad about my plan, and the idea about quality time together he liked. But he couldn’t understand why I would need another pair of speakers🤣. Will create some posts about this process in the future as well.

But here’s a little information about the idea I had. Last year I showed my girlfriend some commercial OBF (Open Baffle) speakers, and she told me she liked them way more than my beloved Klipsch RF7’s. You can view the Klipsch speakers in this post.

Daudio C1
Source Daudio

Problem the price of these speakers where way above my budget. But luckily, I got in contact with the creator of the speakers by a Dutch audio forum. The company (Daudio) behind the speakers is a small Dutch audio company. They gave me the opportunity to buy the original parts and build them myself. Been there for a listening session and completely fell in love with the clean sound from the OBF concept. My Klipsch horn speakers are kind of direct into your face sounding. Some people would call them a bit harsh, but I always loved the pure sound of these horns. But the RF7’s have a bassport at the back and this can be a pain in the ass to get them right into your room soundwise. It really needs some space from the wall and that can be a problem because well they’re not the smallest speakers available. If you put them to close in front a wall the speaker’s sound way to boomy. While listening to these OBF speakers from Daudio there were no effects from a closed cabinet disturbing your music, really enjoyable to listen I can tell you.

And the best news, thanks to @dboontje I was able to hold a surfsail for the first time in two years! Last week during the winter weather we could go out ice-skating. The last day this was possible @dboontje send a text and mentioned I needed to come to the water. Can’t tell you how great the feeling was while holding a sail again! The ride itself was scary (first time icesurfing for me) but the feeling afterwards was amazing. Thanks for the opportunity @dboontje!🤙

Shot by @dboontje

Upcoming posts I'll try to share the photographic moments I had during the last months of 2020 until now. For now you'll have to do with the two sneakpeaks halfway my post. I hope you like them!

PS. As you might have heard, I'm not 100% healthy at the moment. A reply at a comment can take a while. Sorry in advance for that... ?


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