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Let's be honest there are models of cars that have driven particular parts of the world, for example:
The British have their Mini,
French - Citroën,
Germany - Volkswagen Type 1 and Golf,
Poland - Fiat 126.
If we talk about the US, we should assign it and the only thing that comes to mind is a pick-up.



Let's face it - if it was not for the US, pick-ups would probably be just as exotic to us as British tricycles. Meanwhile, American fashion picked up the world, and when this world had first contact with pick-ups, in the United States such a car was already in almost every household. Pick-up was as common to Americans as today's mobile phone for us.
Of course, if you pick-up, it's just Ford.






totally trendy design .......its a most useful car..

Yes, it is ;)

What a cool old Pickup and American Icon! Reminds me old US-Films!

YEs, it does my friend. Good one old american times :)

Nice Volkswagen photographic collection...

Thank you my friend :)

this may be the classic car for usa!

Yes, it is :)

This green pick-up has been lovingly looked after!! It’s so beautiful and has its own character!
Those new Japanese pick-up here all look the same except for their logos.

I will need a second hand pick-up next year for working in the countryside. I think I should go fir the old model without all the computerized control board!


HAHA, good to know my friend :) Thank you

Amazing and awesome photography...Such a awesome photographer you..☺✌

Thank you my dear ;)

Wow that's beautiful old cars...

Thank you :)

That's a classical beast on the roads wow :D

HAHA, yes, it is the cool beast ;)

Some people are crazy for cars and they love to have different models of cars.

Yes, so true :)

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