<But that's why we want to create new treasures, enrich the country's food>

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Dhaulagiri is very much in Europe, still unrestrained with wealth. But there is an addiction to distribution of wealth and distribution of wealth. And Marinara is merely the supermarket. It is just as ridiculous as it is laughable and it's a crisis. Where the country's peasantry is deprived of the fruits of its labor at a lower price, the country's non-profit means to sell it at a high price where the country's growth and prosperity means.

Psychopharmacology of ethics can not even be discovered. And if the throat is cut off. The non-Bengali have a reason to become angry even if the knife is not Bengali. The probability is far, but if indeed the entire educated society of Bengal becomes the 'Marissa'. But surely I would say that it was better to die than to eat Bengali than to say that it is good for the first time.

Variance of Europe did not result in good soil in Bengal. But the identity of Bengalis with Europe is more than that of all the nations of India. Outside Bengal, Bengalis are known to be somehow Christian. It is a matter of fact that this is not the Vaishu Europe, which is the name of Bengal's Bengal pulse. In addition to modern Europe, there is a modern Europe, which Europe is the heir to the ancient Greek civilization.

The modern Europe has liberated the human mind, the vision of knowledge has been liberal and liberal. Whose poetry, literature, art, philosophy, science, and the richness of human civilization have filled the knowledge, truth, and beauty. The joy of this Europe has taken away the minds of the Bengali people, not black Europe in the tap smoke. Therefore, Jansenist Tanya was not born on the soil of Bengal, but the birthplace of Mohammedan and Rabbinate in Bangladesh.

Still, we can not name the big callers, but Mogadishu Bass and Prayerful Chandra were born among the Bengali nation. In the footsteps of the Bengals, the ancient Indian Aryan and the medieval Muslim civilization, from the south to Dravidian and the Chinese civilization came from the east. If we can afford a new civilization on this wonderful planet in the power of the European home-culture, we can donate it to mankind.

Only then is the birth of the modern Bengali nation. Otherwise, if we walk on foot, we can run in the car, it does not matter. But for the sake of this fact, the fact that the knowledge and beauty of Europe are being invented and the fact that goods are being manufactured in the factory, there should not be two eyes closed; The Maria of Bengali will not be able to afford it.

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