Short report about the tasks we achieved today and what is planned for the next days

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Hi, we call ourselves Monika and Mateusz, we come from Poland exactly from Starogard Gdański, where we learn at the school Teb Education in the field of advertising organization techniques. At @GlobalSchool we have been assigned to become the administrators of the project. It means take the management and overall strategy for all social media channels, it is ahuge work but fortunately we are supported by a wonderful team and very nice people.

We came to Vienna Austrian capital for practicing in our field. We applied for internships in order to expand our skills. Privately Mateusz (or Matthew) we are best friends. Me, Monika: „I am twenty years old & interested in marketing and social media, I like to make my nails and in my free time I love to ride on rollerblades. I also love animals, and most of all my rabbit.” Mateusz works designing shop windows and in personal sales. He is interested in fashion, art and literature. In his free time he is volunteer and runs a non-governmental organization in his city. I guess it is for these reasons we have been choosen to manage the communication for this beautiful educational project with the help of @manncpt.

Last week we took the time to understand the project and start to set up the social media channels, you can already follow them! We will start the campaign with your support next week. ;-)

Today Daniel, Olivia and Paula completed the guide and brochure of the @globalschool Photoshooting - Social Impact Experiences with @opt2o. Here a preview of the work of Paula:

Here the preview of the work of Daniel, Olivia and Paula:

Max edited the photos, he also helped us to complete other projects. As in our group most of us are not so comfortable with English neither German, Max is kindly supporting both the mentor pool and the talent pool every day as project manager and hands on translation. He organized groups for upcoming projects.

Weronika is really talented to make stunning pictures, for the moment she is working on some shoots she took, which she then retouched.

Milenia and Beata were looking for information and created graphics for the book about the adventures of Dr Philipe Reinisch on the @silkroad40 and finished working on Go Visual the project coordinated by @generationeuropa who brought 34 leaders from 15 countries in the beginning of the month here to Vienna.

Matthew looked over the social media organization with me and the recording of the video on youtube. In addition, he improved the graphics for the Symbiosium of @opt2o.

Credit: Cover for the Symbiosium edition 2018 - Copyright @Globalschool.

Matthew also helped other groups to communicate. Alexandra searched for information about the artists of the project @artcanhelp and supported to write this report! We hope you will like it!! =)


Tomorrow Mateusz and me are finishing the setup for @globalschool social media channels, inserting posts and finishing graphics made by the Graphic Designer team.

As they finished their first missions,Max, Olive and Daniel will go to make street photos. In the following days the groups will also go in the city looking for restaurants with "PayAsYouWish" (donation based) offers and take photos to make a reportage, a brochure and a map of such opportunities that the city of Vienna has to offer.

Thank you for your attention and support for the @globalschool!

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Email: office[at]

A lot of more to come soon!

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Nice first report Monika, Oliwia and Mateusz! And nice work all of you! =)

Thank you for the graphics for the Symbiosium. Well done! :)

Hello @globalschool, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!