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This is simple

This BLOG is going to be the 1 MILLION $ Blog - that means this blog need to be LIKED, re-posted and up-voted as much as possible.

Till we have 1 MILLION $

The 1 Million $ will be donated to Earth Haven Foundation

This Group -


WHY you may ask - Because WE care about a future that is best for all life, and clicking and GIVING STEEMIT power is for free and serves all.. it is generated by your CLICK, you lose nothing, yet giving.

PLUS - who doesn't want to see a million dollar post??

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Upvoted and shared! Let's make this happen!

good luck with that, you need to read the white paper and understand what steemit is before making claims like this


Thanks, Luck is what life is all about isn't it? some are dying of starvation, children are being raped, war is killing and misplacing millions, what luck that we are here worrying about reading white papers to the T and making some false claims only and not one of those things others are daily facing, not to mention our planets animals going extinct and deforestation, what luck for us that we cna worry about pity things, when all that was needed from you was an up-vote so we can gather some money and support all of those that was and are truly unlucky in this world.


Good to see that you're cynical too! Luck has nothing to do with it. Knowledge has Everything to do with it. By making these claims it is clear you haven't done any research on steem and it shows a willful ignorance to the platform. If you are so concerned about children being raped and war misplacing millions, why don't you do something to help those people instead of making comical posts here on steemit