Day Off!

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I love spending my day off with friends it helps me a lot relieve from homesickness. Friday means church day for us, pamper day or simply exploring and enjoying our stay in Dubai even the heat is soooooo freaking hot at 45-50degrees! That even taking a bath is a real struggle, water from the shower is like boiling water. Nonetheless, we always end up going out! No boring day off for two years contract is (my)our goal!

July 6, 2018 UPDATE!

I woke up around 2:30pm bcus I went to bed late, watching a movie/netflix is a hobby! 🤗 Ate tuyo and egg for brunch! Prepared ourselves for church. Went to Victory Dubai at 5pm after that ate my dinner zinger meal at KFC which includes burger fries and spicy chicken with coleslaw NO RICE! 😩.

Met our friend near the church. New adventure at Al Seef wherein we rode a bangka but they called it Dubai Abra.

We were sweaty walking around Al Seef looking for fruit shakes or juices or frappe! Basta anything cold! We stopped by London Dairy Cafe, I asked for their best seller frappucino and it was the Iced Latte Shake. The taste was good, for me it was the regular frappe flavored coffee I am used to with whip cream on top added with a little twist of taste but girl!!!!!!!!! I suffered stomachache when I got home, di ako sanay sa pangmayaman bes! 🤣 I am used to Nescafe 3 in 1 kase that’s why... HAHA

Day off spent well!!!!!!! Here’s a photo on their high chairs! If you want to see more pictures of me and my friends. Feel free to follow me on instagram @gheghenrv to keep you updated. 😉

May your day be awesome as mine and see you around! Thanks for passing by!

Byeeeeeeee 😘😘😘😘😘


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How fortunate that the internet exists, and that we can know other spaces, other people.
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45 degrees?? People can still live in that kind of heat?

No boring days is a fantastic goal, but me, it looks like I'm going for a boring life... :'(

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