My nephew bike journey across the country in the fight against cancer 4K for cancer(Ulman cancer fund)

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Day 28-30: MINNESOTA - Rochester & Minneapolis! Surprised by a few of my Team SF 2017 teammates, got to cook and meet some amazing cancer patients at the Hope Lodge, awarded a scholarship to an inspiring young adult cancer survivor, and had the best homestays and hosts aka BEDS! I couldn’t have asked for a better past few days. Now, onto North Dakota!C6E2853D-CF14-4652-8543-92F3B37BC324.jpeg859E9D97-F66B-4454-B14B-80B093617271.jpeg8959956A-F40B-4FF0-95EA-17BEDCD6291B.jpegB8F87685-6B0F-4BC2-B492-43923552AFB6.jpeg04F858FA-75EE-47EA-80D6-BE4253144098.jpeg2108AAF4-05C9-4DF5-BFD9-701E0FF14C7E.jpeg9BAF93C7-7EE8-4436-B1DC-01E2A9CBFDDD.jpegE78310F5-864C-457E-AA31-750627C76F0D.jpegF194F2B9-DDCC-4611-87DB-6A2609595B28.jpeg upvote and resteemed,thank you


Up v ,

Keep on the good work .
Helping people

@saarinout this is the second time my nephew bike journey across the country,I’m so proud of him.

Amazing man ,
Keep on .

Life short , enjoy the most of it.

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