My nephew bike journey across the country in the fight against cancer(4K for cancer Ulman cancer fund)

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[Late post] Day 32: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! What a crazy day this was. First off, we had really bad thunderstorms all morning which felt like the movie Twister. But, we got shelter 8 miles in at “Mel’s Cafe,” who knew I owned a cafe in Minnesota. Also, I had the honor of dedicating the day to Jeremy Pope, PDX ‘16, SF ‘17, and SEA ‘18!1AACFD84-AC2A-415A-A649-B8D996C1870B.jpegD18DB8DE-95EB-4678-8427-51434C4F3E8F.jpegBDC6D290-8780-4906-864D-3D8A9CEBD75F.jpeg0A38E52B-BF32-4262-BCF4-DA4598ECE6FA.jpeg72F554AA-EE76-4120-87B2-3FA05EC641EB.jpeg2371A61A-F0A1-4C73-B6FA-F2C4ECC50FF5.jpeg988676A2-B5C2-4F1E-A5DE-B4FA388BC40D.jpeg

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