Take The First Step (part 1).....

in blog •  7 months ago

show me a person who has never succeeded in anything in life, then i will show you a person who has never taking the first step before, a person who has never started anything new,i will show you a person who is afraid to succeed,a person who is working in the opposite direction to success,a person who is determined never to achieve anything in life, a person who has never taking the first step.To succeed in anything entails taking the first step,it is said that a journey of a thousand miles begin with a step just as i have started my own journey here on steemit.While telling my friends and other people about this great platform called steemit,i receive the following questions from them ;

  • How sure are you is not a scam
  • How much have you been paid
  • How can you just blog and get paid by it
  • Have you succeeded in the platform
  • Hope is not a ponzi scheme, is not referral, and many other questions i can't even recall.
    However, while answering all their questions, i try to let them understand that the fear of taking the first step,the fear of starting something new is actually what is hindering a lot of people in this world today from succeeding and making it big in life.Believe me say that once the first step is taking,there is always a will force,unseen power that will push you through and keep you going until success is achieved.Believe me also say that, the major problem in life is always the problem and fear of taking the first step and once we overcame this fear,our success is halfway achieved.
    Though,it is true that i have not yet succeeded in this platform,but i got a big hope and undying faith that with time i will only get better and hit it big and succeed like other people who have succeeded in this great platform having taking the first step by joining steemit.
    However, '' Remember To Always Take The First Step''
    See You Guys At The Top.
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