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Sorry, little activity these days, but calm down, I'm here now

I come back from the very charming city "BORDEAUX" in the region of "Cissac-Médoc",
where every year is organized the "REGGAE SUN SKA FESTIVAL".

This year, the festival was celebrating its 20th edition there was still University Domain of Bordeaux Métropole on 4, 5 and 6 August 2017.
It is a crazy atmosphere , not less than 60 artists, like :
"Steel pulse, Protoje, UB40 , Patrice" and so many others

We can meet lovely people from all over Europe, who come to camp in an excited atmosphere
It is an incredible experience I recommend it to you
Unfortunately the cameras are prohibited and it was too complicated to be able to make beautiful pictures.

Anyway , You missed me, and I may have missed you a little bit ???
That's it ... some precious post in preparation, a vlog on my beatmaker composer activity and some other pretty post.
Next post in a few hours:

"How I met bobby brown in the 90's , and almost break my leg"

Stay tuned !!!


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@geemo-from-paris it sounds like it was a ton of fun. Never made it to Bordeaux when I was in France.

Hey my friend, how are you ??
Thanks as always ;)
It's a shame I could not make a photo or video, the context was too complicated,
And yes it's incredibly fun, you have to do it at least once,
People are great, real "peace and love" mentality there is a lot of energy
The festival of bordeaux is great but it is not the best, there are a few others who are really crazy,
there is one in a few days in Slovenia, on th edge of a beautiful turquoise lake with mountain views
I think That I will put the presentaiton online to make you salivate

@geemo-from-paris I'm looking forward to checking out those posts. Do you have some more graffiti and street artwork from where you live in Paris?

Yes my friend , it's on the way ,
my place is full of gaffiti street artwork
I already started to refer and shot some great places
I will finish this post as soon as possible
Thanks for your attention