Samsung GEMS - Gait Enhancing and Motivating System

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Samsung GEMS is an awesome tech in robotics and mobility. Samsung GEMS stands for "Gait Enhancing and Motivation System". These are a wearable assisting exoskeleton. They have 3 different model, Gems-A, Gems-K, Gems-H.

I have read some of the reviews of those who tried them out Gems-H. Those who tried out seem to be impressed with how comfortable the exe-skeleton is.

It’s easy to forget that the exoskeleton is even there since it’s so light, and the robotic elements of it are understated." Gizmodo

In my opinion, this is a great innovation for after injury rehabilitation. It helps with mobility, help climbing stairs and keep stability and provides resistance.


Wow... this tech is so crazy .. although i feel it may not improve a patient with cerebral palsy. But this is real good innovation. Dope post @geekgirl