What is Sin

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Sin is rebellion against The Holy & Righteous God. In short, sin is the greatest enemy of God.
So whenever you are doing anything contrary to the word of God, you are simply rebelling against Him.

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Who own's sin?.
Satan owns sins, says the word of God in ( 1 John: 8).

Who is a sinner ?
Everybody is a sinner. Yes! I am a sinner just as you are a sinner too, for it is written in ( Roman 3:23, Eccle 7:20 ).

Why do we sin?.
Because sin is a powerful tool satan often use to destroy our relationship with God as His sons & daughters.
Because we are so loved by God Almighty as the greatest product of creation by making us in His own image - satan hates that and want to do anything to destroy the relationship you & I have with God through Jesus Christ.
That is why Satan wages war against us daily through fleshly desires ( Gal 5: 19-21), that we may act in a contrary manner against God will. That is the reason why every man errs in God's sight daily.

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Mind you, satan will never have dominion over you if you resist him just as the word of God says in (James:7).
Before the devil could gain access into our lives through fleshly desires, it you and I who permit it.
Because we all know that the flesh is weak, therefore anybody living in the flesh can never please God ( Roman 8:8 ).
That is why as christians, we are all encouraged in (Roman 8:4-6 ), to be living in the spirit so that the righteous law of God could be fulfilled in us.

How can I overcome sin?, when I am not a saint but just an ordinary human.
Yes! You can overcome sin by walking & living in the spirit.

What is living in the Spirit?
Living in the spirit is only what can aid you, build and fortify you to worship God in truth & spirit, for that is the only kind of worshipers God is looking for ( John 4:24 ).

Living in the Spirit is when you hv a total desire to read God's word in daily basis and do what the word of God says. I mean, it is when you make God's word the database of daily life operations, and in short, making God's word the STANDARD for your life by meditating on it in your heart every minute of the day ( Joshua 1:8 ).
And when you start to observe & regulate everything you do or say in line with the word of God, that is when you are worshiping God in Spirit & Truth.
Only then you can be qualified to be filled with the spirit of Jesus Christ because you are NOT a Christian if you do not have the spirit of Christ Jesus in you ( Roman 8:9 ).

Remember, you can't have God's spirit just because you attended theology school or being ordained a pastor or whoever you call yourself; Evangelist, Deacon, prophet, etc. But This Spirit of Almighty God the bible is talking about in ( Roman 8:9 ) can only be given to you through a deep personal relationship with God in His word alone ( The Bible ).

Now concerning SIN- God's greatest enemy . Take note that, not only ungodly things we do in life that make us sinners but what we think as well lead us to commit sin because our heart is where the battle resides. The heart is like a battleground between Light & darkness; For or against.
So, it is whom you yield your heart to that will take absolute control over your deeds; God or satan.
That is why we are all encouraged in ( Philippians 4:8 ) to take control of our hearts by thinking of what is good & pure always

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You may ask yourself this question; what if I have committed a lot of sin and done bad things, will God still forgive me?
Yes! Of course. He will forgive you Because He is a loving, faithful and forgiving God who loves you beyond your imagination but hates sin by His nature coz' HE IS HOLY. So He always ready & available to forgive us all of our sins if only you turn to Him in the prayer of repentance & forgiveness ( John 1:9 ).

Therefore, you have not committed an unpardonable sin. All you need to do is to run to God on account of your sin instead of running away from God whenever you sin.

God sent Jesus Christ His only begotten Son into this world to save sinners from their sins. He came for you and I that we may be saved from sin ( John 3:16 ).

God who created us in His own image knows the danger of SIN to our souls.
Sin committed in the flesh would eventually destroy our souls of anyone who fails to repent of his or her sin, because the wages of sin is death ( Rom 6:23 ) , but God has given us life through His Only Son Jesus Christ- A live anew that we may put behind us old ways of sin ( 2 Cor 5: 17 ).
And the best way to accept this gift of life God gave us is by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Lord & Saviour after making a U-Turn from living a rebellious life against God. Then engage yourself in sincere repentance of your sins.

Do not wait any longer but start repenting TODAY. Ask The Holy Spirit to help you live right, to forgive you all of your wrongdoings, your mistakes, and sin in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Have you ever heard people saying " Salvation is NOW, tomorrow may be too late ".
Do you actually know what that means?. Because your eternity begins the moment you depart from this world, and lack of deep repentance from sin before departure from this world will indeed be a catastrophe, and inevitable Jeopardy for such a soul heading for eternity 😢😢😢.

May God gives you & I the heart that fears God and abides in His word 24/7, so that we may not lose eternity in heaven with God in Jesus Christ name 🙏🙏🙏

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