Will you value your SP more with the changes that the EIP will bring?

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Our Steem Power is probably the most valuable asset that anyone can leverage in the steem blockchain. It has the ability to produce more steem tokens just by passively holding it and if it is being used to upvote contents. It has to be one of the most lucrative way of generating crypto earnings in a blockchain.

In the recent events, there was a talk about the possible revamp on the distribution of rewards, the 50/50 split. It means that total amount of post payout will be equally divided to 50% author rewards & 50% curation rewards. This kind of distribution scheme will make the Steem power more desirable among users.

To prove this idea, I tested one account to lease about 2000 Steem power from Dlease at a higher price to bring my request to top page of the platform. After 3 days of waiting, my request didn't get through. Nobody filled my request.

It seems that the talk about the upcoming change on the rewards distribution is making some delegators to think twice about delegating their SP.

Of course, this is a poor judgement that I made from a simple delegation request that I did at the Dlease.

But considering that the APR is already set to 19.30%, nobody seem interested for it. The price that I set is already higher than what an account will get from selling their votes or something.

By the way, according to the note from Dlease, my request would have a better chance if I will set a much higher APR & split the request into smaller parts. The suggested amount is anywhere less than 1000 SP.

My Action (re-Test)
I will consider the advise from Dlease to split the request, I will break it in 4 requests. Each request will require 500 SP each and I will also raise the APR to about 19.50%.

Let's see if these new requests will debunk my idea that the upcoming EIP is making the Steem users value their SP more.

Will see in 3 days or when my request is filled anytime soon.


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If this goes through it will take a while for the economic connections between buying/selling votes, leasing SP, and bid bots to work itself out in a fashion that it still makes sense for individuals to take the time to put decent posts together.