Blog to earn or just have fun while building an awesome community?

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Why do we blog or post on Steemit? The answer to this question will vary from person to person depending on what our goals or reasons for joining the Steemit community are. It also depends on how vested one is. Is it for the long run or is it to make a quick buck. I am of the opinion that regardless of our motive or goal, it is our responsibility to leave the community stronger than we found it by contributing our skills whenever an opportunity arises. It should be our primary goal to build a better social media one that is better than our competitors. This can be achieved by writing great content that can be trusted by people from all walks of life, this will make the community grow stronger each day.

Having said that, I think I will refrain from thinking about money and focus on having a fun time writing.
Focusing on writing whatever we are passionate about, and writing it to the best of our ability will bring about our best work and before we know it we will be earning with ease.

I think focusing on the earnings removes the fun out of writing and brings a lot of pressure and stress. That is not the lifestyle one wants, if you ask me, I want to live a happy healthy, fun life void of stress. I have noticed that blogging for fun allows me to get lost in the subject matter I am writing about which is fun. Not thinking of earnings alleviates 'time is money' mindset and leaves us with room to enjoy other steemians posts and build relationships by commenting and up voting.

I look forward to building a stronger community by contributing whenever possible. Let's have an awesome time blogging money will come with time.

If you found this post helpful or have thoughts or insights on how we can make our community better please comment and let's talk.
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I joined because of the investment but the investment is only good if the product is good and it grows. The best way to help the steemit community to grow is to use it. Pretty simple and a win/win in my opinion because it seems like a great service so far.

@whenitallbegan welcome and thank you for your input. I agree that the investment part is sweet especially being that we are in so early. The product is great and he platform is more informative and educational than its competitors... a better fit for most here. I love it

Welcome to Steem @fshllc I have upvoted and sent you a tip

@bottymcbotface thank you!

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Welcome Fshllc to Steemit ! . I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community :) Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me at @mekong

@mekong thank you for the welcome, I appreciate it. I look forward to enjoying and having an awesome time here on Steemit. Thank you for following, I will follow you too.

The best part is you can do both! If you blog for fun and with passion then the money will come and if it doesn't then we are still having fun :)

@larksongbird you are absolutely right. I want to focus on having fun then earnings will come. Have a wonderful day

nice introuction. Followed. Follow me back 😘