Two punctures and a blow out!

in #blog3 years ago

I believe this story starts with me hitting a pot hole hard enough to make me think I was going to get a puncture, sure enough my next ride to town I hear the thump thump thump of a flat tire.

I stop at the garage, buy a new tube, walk home and change the tube not thinking to check the outer tube for sharp things.

Next ride to town, thump thump thump, groan. This time I go to the hardware store and buy the last tube they have with my diameter..... Found the rock shard in the outer tube and got a lift home, changed the tube, noticed the tire was MUCH larger than before and was pushing the outer tube out of the edge of the wheel, manhandled as best I could and figured it would either settle or I'd damaged the outer tread riding on flat, 100 yards down the road BOOM!

Best I can figure I bought the fatboy inner tube.

I bought a puncture repair kit at the same time as buying the 2nd tube so will repair one of the old tubes but I'm not sure if I need to get a new outer tube, my paranoia says just buy a new tread! My wallet says bwahahaha, er no!

Frugality has its downsides

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