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A few hours ago I was on YT and a notification pops up that one of my favorite cooking shows was going live, time comes, I load the page and think to write something along the lines of 'great work, keep it up' but no.... Only paid members are allowed to use the chat!

Seriously!? Social media is about media and being SOCIAL! It's in the title!

I expressed my displeasure on Twitter to which he replies (grateful that he replied and he was very polite) that it is the only way to fund the program and that I am not being excluded, I certainly felt excluded!

I've had great interactions with content creators on many platforms. I don't have money to throw at people, all I can do is leave positive (or constructive) feedback, except on Steem of course where I will give you a thumbs up that is worth something (albeit less than a fration of a penny).

Venting over, stay Frugal

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