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in #blog4 years ago

Oh dear, it's only been a few days and I set my friend up with a bunch of wordpress sites for his business (technically 'ours' but I don't do much).

As a double whammy I was also overly generous and just set up a fresh site for each of the domains he bought, maybe I'll be nice and redirect/CNAME a few to one page.

I am now hosting a production Moodle site unfortunatly we only have one course so far for advanced English but thanks to bigbluebutton it looks like we can host a one to one lesson, I'd better test that tomorrow :)

I've also finally figured out how to process the JSON response from API servers! Now I need to set up a local database and start populating it!

I'll leave it there for now,
Stay safe, stay Frugal and don't eat your neighbour!

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