Bermuda Islands and the mystery of the triangle

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The island Bermuda is an English colony located in the Atlantic Ocean, has an area of ​​54 km² and a population of 1800 residents.


Among the curiosities of this island, we can highlight that they have one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, initially they were a Spanish territory, a referendum was held in which the independence of the island was discussed, only a 25% vote in favor , their economy is based largely on insurers and have a triangle that disappears everything that goes through the ... False.

This island for centuries has been wrapped in a veil of mystery thanks to the triangle that bears its name, this fame is the result of exaggerations, ignorance and lies, this maritime area of ​​1.1 million km², is one of the busiest ships and planes around the globe but still has a relationship of accidents and disappearances that does not stand out at all when compared to other areas.

Certainly through this triangle many hurricanes, giant waves, there are bags of methane, coral formations that would break the hull of any ship, but still does not do justice to the myth of disappearances.

Let's take a look at some of the most famous cases.

  • 1840: HMS Rosalie. He was found without crew, he was going to Cuba. Is it not more feasible that pirates (who always hit the Caribbean) have boarded the ship and kidnapped or killed the crew? or better yet, is it not possible that the lead that was used to seal the canned goods commonly carried by the ships, has driven everything crazy and induced them to leave the ship and die drowned?

  • Flight 19. It was a group of American bombers that in 1945 took off from Fort Lauderdale and were lost in the sea (this is the most famous case), then the rescue plane was also lost in the same area. In this area there are several meteorological factors that by themselves do not represent a greater threat but together can cause a disaster, this is not very different from any other place in the world.

In my humble opinion there is nothing but publicity and exaggeration behind this myth, people consume everything that seems strange, mysterious and surprising, in the words of Benjamin Radford.

Santa does not exist, the Easter Bunny does not exist, there is no Tooth Fairy. The Bermuda Triangle does not exist either

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