The Setback

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Welcome to my blog today. I'm really glad to have you her!

Of recent, I have had lots of friends selling off everything they own to travel overseas. Once their minds were made up, there is nothing you can do or say to stop them, so you just have to let them go and pray that their reasons for travelling out pulls through.


"Hey, Oge, long time no see. Where have you been?", Amaka asked her friend.

"My dear, I've been running round trying to sell off the remaining of our things before we travel out", Oge said happily.

"Haba! But I remember telling you that you shouldn't sell your things off because you don't know what is in store for you over there?", Amaka cautioned her friend.

"You are too negative. I don't know why I still consider you my friend", Oge retorted.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I just want you guys to keep some assets in case things to go as planned", Amaka explained.

"You see what I'm saying. You are an enemy of progress. Because my husband wants to travel out you are jealous. Shift let me pass joor", Oge said in an angry tone. She walked past Amaka and went her way.

Oge and her husband, James, succeeded in selling off their properties at give-away prices. Soon, James travelled out while Oge went to live with her parents.

After months of toiling and suffering overseas, James was sent back to his country. At first, he was so ashamed of himself and didn't know where to start from but he summoned courage and returned to his family.

The wife sighted him and could not recognize him until he got to their apartment.

"What happened, honey", she asked amid tears.

"It's a long story, dear. Let's go inside first", James said in a low tone.

It had happened that when he got there (overseas), the person he had arranged to stay with until he got an apartment of his own, turned him out. All arrangements that he thought were in place weren't. He had been defrauded. He struggled to see if he could make something out of the situation but was unable to until the authorities got hold of him and sent him back.


What am I saying? Now, he's back to square 1. No landed properties, no apartment, nothing to call his own. Wisdom, they say, is profitable to direct. Financial plans is not something that should be rushed into. You have to seek for
professional financial advice when you think you are in need of it. I am no professional financial adviser but I knew the step they were taking wasn't the best at the time.

Be open to people's opinions and suggestions because most times, friends aren't actually jealous of you but want the best for you.

Thanks for your time.

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It's really important to balance things in life so our decisions are responsible. I agree with you when you say what the characters in the story did were not the best at the time. I always try to seek advice from people that have more experience than me! :) Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for your comment, @julimattos! It's a great way to avoid making avoidable mistakes, asking questions.

This is so common in all parts of world. People decide to go abroad without having any concrete plans and backup. Consulting and proper arrangements must be made first before taking any decision. A very useful article🙏


That's the point @illusions16. Have concrete plans with trusted agents before travelling out.

Honestly speaking, asking people for advice isn't my thing but after reading this I guess I'll start taking it more seriously. Thank you.


Thanks for commenting, @fearless97. It saves you a lot of mistakes when you ask questions. You just have to learn from their experiences because most times, people might have first-hand experience.

This is a good write. I love the way you tell the story to pass home your argument (advice). And i couldn't agree more.

It alludes to the don't put all your eggs in one basket saying.

Meanwhile thanks of supporting our @asapers community


Thanks for your comment, @mirrors. I've been seeing you around on @ASAPers but have not engaged with you, will do that sooner or later.


It will be my pleasure.

I curate for @asapers, and i am very glad when i see you using the tag @asapers. It helps to promote the group. Others do well to learn from your example.

Please catch up with me anytime. I will be more than glad to share.


Thank you. I'll do just that!


It is well. I hang around a lot frequently. Just ping me!

@floxycool you articles are very interesting, i really love to read them.
Very nice post again, gj mate :)


Thank you @interdeus. I also find your articles about Croatia interesting.

Nice story. Well that's been more typical since the crash of '08.

Seen a couple of interesting reads on your blog.... Gonna follow to catch up later. :)

P. S: would be a good idea to proofread before posting though. Few typos. Cheers

Wisdom is indeed profitable to direction.

People make decisions blindly which is totally wrong

@jeaniepearl steemit consultant