What’s a blog all about?

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If you ever wondered what a blog is all about, but unfortunately you haven’t found the answer, you should know that in this article you’ll find the definition which you’re interested in and some other explanations which come quite handy… I won’t bore you and I won’t deceive you. I’ll be short and concise. Therefore, let’s do this:


The blog is the communication tool which helps people freely expose all their thoughts and personal convictions.

A blog is a virtual page (a web page) where you can write or add various texts or folders: you can write phrases, quotes, articles, you can add photos, movies, songs, etc. Some talk about it as being an online publication, while others say that a blog is similar to a journal… Therefore, it’s some sort of electronic newspaper which can be controlled by anybody.

Blog means web log, as in a publication on the internet. Those who know about it say that the blog is that something which can help you become somebody, through your will and know-how. It helps you see who you really are and it teaches you to think.

A blog’s author is called a blogger. The word can be explained in the most logical way. From this word, there are many other new words coming: blogging, blogroll, blogosphere and so on and so forth…

Before moving on, I want you to know something: a blog is seen as available only when the first post has been made public. In fact, you can’t expect to get views if don’t have not even one public post.

Blogs can be of several types:

  • A personal blog: where you can talk only about yourself
  • A journalistic blog: where you can share news on any subject you want (depending on your niche)
  • A blog focusing on certain working fields (photographing, IT, personal development, fashion, etc.)


  • The blog’s platform allows the author to share any type of content
  • The shared content by default is shown in the inverted chronological listing: the last posted web page will be shown as the first
  • What you say on your blog is archived exactly like it happens in a library
  • Here, readers can come and choose only what interests them
  • On this platform we are talking about, readers can react and interact: they can launch ideas, opinions, etc.
  • Apart from the posted content, a blogger can seed many reactions and he can tie many friendships
  • Through a blog you can show people your mindset
  • You can exploit your qualities at maximum
  • From a blog you can build a business to sustain your financials
  • Nobody can interrupt you. Nobody can intimidate you.

A blog is a virtual platform which allows you to earn money without having to give nothing in exchange. Here, you have complete freedom, in a place where no rules apply. You make your own rules. So there’s no need for you to hurry!

Being able to write anything you want, showing everybody how you think, without having to pay for it, is the extraordinary thing that a blog can help you with. In conclusion: make a blog and show the world how you think because this is the only way you’ll succeed.

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