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I was embarrassed by my humanity, but at least under the supervision of that woman there was image, shame and pain.

The gendarmerie was interrupted by the intervention of women at the scene.

Either his mind or his soul; With this image they were caught forever.

What kind of disbelief

Walked with a last effort, walked and made a bold journey to the poles of his home and family.

Humanity hurts the world by opening your eyes. Circulation does not reduce acceleration, but accompanies pain.

We ignore the fact of death and we never die, we live our lives indefinitely with wine and complaints.

We can't afford to change or alleviate pain. Expect countless fate and bitter surprise games while waiting for us.

What do we call life?

Is this a dream or nothing?

But the truth is; Sooner or later, we're all done.

As long as we are given a long and good life.

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