Top five Undeniable Reasons Why many Filipino choose Working Abroad!

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Have you ever questioned why more and more Filipinos are leaving the country by the day? Well, there are countless reasons for them to do so. Some have personal reasons, while others are forced to take flight the country for their families. It is irrefutable that the way of life in the Philippines is not as good as some expect. Undeniably, it is a attractive place, but the way things are fingered in the country is what drives Filipinos to leave.

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Whether it’s their own option or just “forced” to leave for their loved ones, here are the top 5 reasons why:

  • 1. Higher salary and income overseas

The income of the workers even if graduated from a very prestigious school has a low bracket compared when you are working abroad. Even wanted after and demand jobs in certain parts of the world like nurses, engineers, and teachers are paid off-color when working here in the Philippines. Many professionals would desire to work abroad as domestic helpers or office clerks and leave their teaching jobs because there is a great chance of getting a higher salary and income and that would mean they can send money to the Philippines more often for their loved ones left behind.

  • 2. Unstable economic condition

Many Filipinos are already becoming desperate to see the country’s economic condition attain momentous progress. Let’s face it again, having a corrupt government, mishandling of the country’s assets, gross disorganization in government functions, and other things that stop an entire country from developing due to self-interest and greed, what else can we expect from these? Every one of us will always be unsatisfied with such condition for we know that we will not grow under these surroundings.

  • 3. Pressure from the family and peer influence

If you’re not coming from a wealthy family, having severe economic burden, and bearing in mind your role within the family (bread winner), such pressures gives you a perception that working abroad seems to be the only way out. Another thing also is when most of your friends have already soared to work abroad and their having a good time; somehow it gives you the uncertainties, and with the right invitation, you are drawn to follow them.

  • 4. Enhance career and professional marketability globally

These days, the world is so very competitive that having a global experience will give you a big career edge among other professionals. Having a worldwide viewpoint not only broadens your horizons, but also pitches you a unique understanding of the skill sets required in a global economy. Furthermore, it can establish to future employers that you have the ability to adapt to dissimilar workplaces. Whether you like it or not, your skills and experiences are always accounted.

  • 5. High unemployment rate in the Philippines

Every year many are excited to graduate from college with the hope to finding a well- remunerated job. But unfortunately, with less accessible jobs and declining work demand in the market, a number of college graduates are now only good enough to work at fast-food chains, supermarkets or some other minor roles less than the true value of the graduates’ abilities. High unemployment rate and less job opportunities for new graduates are unending problems in the country. These upsurge the competition among Filipinos who are beholding for available jobs in the country.

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yeah right..that's true.. i totally agree with your list sir


I appreciate it thank you!
I always inspire to look after this topic since my mother is once an ofw!

This is true sir! Thanks for sharing this. My father is working abroad. I know how he sacrificed for us. I just hope and pray that we become economically good and have many good jobs with good salary that can support a family so that many Filipinos will just choose to work here in our country.


its my pleasure! Maam!

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What makes unemployment one of the reasons is that sometimes we are choosy. There are lots of jobs because if none, why are there still advertised jobs on newspapers? Why? Because we lack the skills and what was required of the job wanted. What we want is that work on what we know we are capable of. And then there are the obvious reasons you pointed above.

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I think I have read this before.


Yes, it is very rampant and popular. So, I think everyone is interested in this topic.