Hike Passu to Lake Borit , Hunza valley , Gilgit-Baltistan , Pakistan

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The Start of the trek

It is exceptionally easy to locate the start of the trek – the begin is from the bridge on KKH from furious river Passu, which is inquisitively long just two kilometers (from glacial lake to the mouth into Hunza River). Slightly further is eatery Glacier Breeze, where you can get some information about the correct way. Out there you can see the great ridge of Karakorum. 

Panorama of Passu

Simply walk a couple of meters up, pivot and before you is a lovely display of desert garden of village Passu and in addition a great rugged houses of prayer transcending over the River Hunza. 

Lake Passu 

Following 20 minutes' stroll from KKH you will see the primary fascination of this trip – glacial lake Passu (2 560 m asl), in which closes 18 km long glacier Passu streaming down from the mountains Shispare Sar (7 611 m asl) and Passu Sar (7 478 m asl) – the peaks of famous invulnerable ridge of "divider " Batura. 

Passu glacier 

At that point pursues the most troublesome piece of the entire trip – rising to the moraine. You'll likely need to utilize your instinct to choose, what the most ideal far up is, on the grounds that a few paths show up for a minute and afterward later vanish. The incline is free, so you should be mindful so as not to tumble down. 

The best before Passu Sar (7 478 m asl) 

Undesirable climb to the moraine offers perspectives of around 7 000 meters high peak before Passu Sar. To one side above inconsequential ridge isolating the glaciers towers only the tip of the astonishing mountains Shispare Sar.

View of the valley of Hunza

When you scramble sufficiently high to the moraine, the phenomenal view once more into the valley of Hunza River opens. In the hole between the spiky mountains squints at you the ice pyramid of mountain Karun Kuh (6,977 m asl) transcending over the famous valley Shimsal that neglects to have a place with the VIP gathering of six thousand high mountains by just a couple of meters. 

Barren world 

On the opposite side of the moraine, you get to the barren world of mountains and rocks. 

Ultar Sar 

The correct method to lake Borit leads from the moraine as close as conceivable to the rough ridge. On the off chance that you pick the side plummet way, you can in any case connect to the correct way in the little go under you. Lake Borit lies on the directly under the irrigational channel. On the off chance that you go somewhere around slip-up through the valley to one side, it is again alright – you will run over KKH sooner or later and in 10 minutes you are in the village Husseini under the lake.

Perspective of the rough ridge is a wonderful from here – at the plain right is the level best of Ultar Sar (7 388 m asl), which you've presumably as of now viewed from the opposite side of Karimabad. 

Lake Borit 

In the event that you went the correct way, you originated from the north along the lake. In the event that you went from KKH, so you needed to rising from the primary street one hundred height meters along a couple of contorted paths in the village Hussaini. It is best to proceed up the trail to the moraine, from where there is an extraordinary perspective of lake Borit, gigantic lake Attabad underneath and the glacier encompassed by strong peaks. 

The eastern part of Batura Wall

From the moraine, you can unmistakably observe the lake Borit as well as the eastern end of the ridge Batura. On the left towers Ultar Sar and on the privilege Shispare Sar. On the off chance that you have additional time and the climate grants, it is perfect to go on the moraine into the inside of mountains beyond what many would consider possible to appreciate other life-changing perspectives. What's more, the mountains are higher than you by five kilometers, so the view is extremely great. 

Attabad Lake and the village of Hussaini 

The view down to the valley is additionally extremely pleasant – purplish blue lake Attabad and desert garden of village Hussaini. It is hard to choose in which course take a gander at this standpoint point. 

Passu Cathedral 

From the moraine is additionally unmistakably noticeable Passu Cathedral transcending seemingly within easy reach. It is the ideal place for taking all encompassing photographs. In the event that you don't do that, you will most likely think twice about it at home J. 

When you are happy with the perspectives, you simply need to summary to the street and stop a minibus running toward Passu.

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