Monster in the grass!!!!

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Recently, on a construction site, I came across an interesting creature by accident. I was amazed because I had never seen such a big grasshopper before and yet it is not a grasshopper. It turns out that it is an insect from the family (Gryllotalpidae) and is called European mole cricket. (Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa). It is an insect Well adapted to live in the ground, where it spends most of its time. An omnivorous insect, which lives from two to four years, is considered a pest because it can cause damage to gardens, inspectorates and root crops. The owner of the plot, fearing the loss of his crops, has already started to look for a nest. I wonder how many more will he find them in the ground ?

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Yes, i grew up w them. If you take pride in your lawn, you will not want them.

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O M G that one is huge