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Hello Steemian friends! Long time no peep, I know... But if Tool can finally release a new album after 13 years on this day, then I can break my long silence as well. :p I have been unwell for much of this summer and thus do not have much adventures to share, nor much for photos either. For 6 weeks now I've had the strangest vertigo with tingling sensations in my head, and my doctors are telling me it's either a vestibular migraine or a virus. Not sure what it is but I wish it would go away. Just when I thought things were improving, today my vertigo returned again with a vengeance. That room spinning feeling when someone picks you up and twirls you around, or you've had one too many vodka shots... Yeah, that feeling. Alas I've not felt I had much to contribute on steemit lately but I'd like to change that in the near future. I hear steemit has changed some things around, what do you guys think of that? Hope everyone is well and had an enjoyable summer. 💜

Lots of love,
Faeryboots (& a photo of my actual synthetic faery boots from gypsy dharma) :)




Mew back atcha kitty 😻

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Glad to see you post something on here again... yes lots of things different, upvote valuation quite weird, lots of people not too happy... it is what it is I guess!

In the long run I think the changes will be for the better. I'll miss some of the reward payout but if it means more people vote on my posts, I think it will be a net positive. Not only that but the SPS / DOA could possibly help democratize how project are funded which could lead to a more active development community. You should take a look at the proposals that have already been submitted and cast a vote or two (Assuming any are to your liking).

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